Some Spanish Goats are More Rare Than Others

The "Repartida" Color

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The Spanish Goat Association would not exist but for the help of Dr. Phil Sponenberg. We owe him a LOT, and he's only ever asked for one thing in return. . . he'd like us to help in his search for some unique Spanish goats. They might appear in your own herd.

Dr. Sponenberg is not only a DVM, VA Tech professor, Technical Advisor to the Livestock Conservancy, but ALSO is a goat geneticist of international acclaim. Sponenberg has a strong focus in goat color genetics.

Sponenberg needs our help. There's a very rare color pattern in Spanish goats, called "Repartida." You might have one of these without being aware of it.

Most of you have seen what breeders call "badger-face, black-and-tan" color (probably not the correct name for that coloring, but you all know what I mean). The color pattern called repartida is very much like that. BUT, take a look at the back legs. On your average black-and-tan Spanish goat, the rear legs are tan on the backs, and black on the fronts. Repartida Spanish are the opposite—the rear legs on a repartida Spanish have black on the back of the rear legs, and tan on the front of the rear legs.

Here's a photo of the repartida color—

repartida color pattern, photo from Phil Sponenberg

So, before you sell a goat, please look at your goats' hind legs for BLACK ON THE BACK. If you find one, please contact us immediately. Thank you!

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