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Just for Fun. . .
Breeder Anne Williams found some neat carting goats from 1912
How have our goats changed in a century?

New Coordinator!
Hat's off to Donna Askew who to be the Spanish Goat Association's new coordinator!
As many of you know, Leslie Edmundson is tackling stage 4 ovarian cancer (and it's a little time-consuming).
Starting in 2015, the duties of coordinating the Association have been slowly but smoothly transitioning over to Donna, and we'll be completing this change in early 2016.
Don't worry, most of you won't notice any change in the day-to-day look or feel of the Spanish Goat Association. We're not expecting any new changes to the website or how the Association handles everything—Donna has a very keen understanding of the goals and breeder perspectives that go along with the Spanish Goat Association!

Leslie's contact info will stay on our Contact Us Page for anyone who wants to say "hi."

We're SO fortunate that Donna is so generously offering her skills and time for Spanish Goat Conservation! Thank you, Donna, and thank you, Breeders, for your patience during this transition!

The 2015 Annual Spanish Goat Count is IN!
Thank you for your help, everyone! We do NOT count kids, just breeding age males and breeding age females. If we canít contact a breeder, their numbers remain at last yearís count.
Breeding/breedable does: 9,492, estimated 11,250
(Last year 8913 counted, estimated 11,358)
Breeding/breedable bucks: 963 estimated 1,250
(Last year 793 counted, estimated 848)
Total BREEDING AGE Spanish Goats: 10,455
Estimated total population 13,500
Number of breeders: 139 in 34 States. Great job, everyone!

We are all saddened by the death of Eugene Bradshaw
Eugene Bradshaw was "born into" goats, and spent his lifetime raising them and culling hard. In the 1990's, he chose to keep to all-black goats, and they are stunning. The Bradshaw line included prolific breeders—Bradshaw kept two kidding seasons per year, and he managed to time kidding around eagle migration patterns. For those of you who never got a chance to meet him, Eugene was both spirited and kind, despite his lengthy illness. He is survived by his wife Vera, and their son. The Bradshaw line is the most endangered Spanish goat bloodline we have.

Where do you sell goats in Texas?
Breeder Cody Chambers with 4CTX Ranch has a nice list of auction houses on his website at

We're looking for a special goat color
At first looks like your average black-and-tan color. It may be in your Spanish herd! Please take a peek at our repartida page.

The 2013 Annual Spanish Goat Count is IN!
We do NOT count kids, just breeding age males and breeding age females. If we canít contact a breeder, their numbers remain at last yearís count.
Breeding/breedable does: 8,913, estimated 11,358
(last year 7,739 counted, estimated 8,478)
Breeding/breedable bucks: 793 estimated 848 (last year 774 counted, estimated 805)
Total BREEDING AGE Spanish Goats: 9706
Estimated total population 12,206
Number of breeders: 119 in 33 States. Wow!

We are deeply saddened by the recent death of Tom Syfan, who passed away on August 10, 2013 in Mountain Home, Texas. Tom Syfan bred the Syfan line of Spanish goats for decades, and did such an excellent job of breed stewardship that his popular and beautiful goats are found nationwide. Syfan first started his herd after thoroughly researching cashmere goats all over the world. He realized that the best goats he could find were the Spanish goats here at home, and selectively bred his goats for hardiness and cashmere. He preferred black goats, not because they performed better, but because when they're seen as a group they look outstanding. His bloodline is indeed distinctive and shows his talent. Syfan led his life with such kindness and generosity that he'll be sorely missed by every person who knew him. He lived his life as a great example to us all.
His loving wife, Meta Syfan, survives him. She can be reached at 170 Guajalote Lane, Mountain Home, TX 78058.
"We only get to borrow the land and the animals while we're here. Stewardship is what we do with them while we have them borrowed"—Tom Syfan

Thank you AGAIN Anne! Anne Williams from North Carolina just renewed the Spanish Goat Association ad in The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Newsletter! As y'all know, the Spanish Goat Association has zero fees, therefore a zero budget. We're looking for more volunteers for "ad upkeep," (Anne's already been generous). To help, just call up ALBC at 919–542–5704 and they'll let you pay for a Spanish Goat Association ad renewal! We really appreciate it, Anne! And by the way, Anne has some goats for sale spring 2013 posted on the For Sale page.

Can you milk a Spanish Goat? Yeah, why not? Lots of "serious" dairy people might shun a Spanish. I had to milk one. . .disabled first-time mommy, kid was back on her in a few days, but I kept milking mom a little longer. Why? Easy, generous milker. I got more out of my Spanish doe than I ever got out of my fussy top-star show milking goats. other people could milk my dairy goats and work wonders. I do not have that skill. But when I milked my Baylis Spanish, Wow! Tasted pretty good, too, but not much different from my Safeway Organic cow milk. So I sent a milk sample to the lab. Butterfat: 4.83; Protein: 4.05; LACTOSE: 5.54; Solids: 15.88.
Not knowing much, I DO know that dairy goats run at about 3–4% butterfat. 7% is almost off the charts. But compared to European dairy breeds, my Spanish goat, with no breeding toward dairy qualities whatsoever, would make a creamier cheese!
More milk facts could build up our Spanish audience, milk tests only cost about $5, we need your input, and are here to help!

New Bloodlines! Well, actually, they're old bloodlines, but there were some goats on the breederlist that were formerly identified as "Cashmere mix, approved as Spanish." These are actually some pretty impressive goats. Their histories are a little more complicated than some, the two herds were once pretty close, and due to this they got put on the back burner by yours truly. BUT the Morefield line and the Wood line each contain genetics that are separate from each other, and from any other bloodline. Their histories and herd cultures will be appearing on the Bloodlines page soon. . .

She did it! The Spanish Goat Association is VERY proud of breeder/bloodline holder Yvonne Zweede-Tucker for her recent completion of The Meat Goat Handbook, which just came out January 2012 (Voyageur Press).
Thank you to all the Spanish breeders who helped her with beautiful photographs to show off our breed! The Meat Goat Handbook is as informational and colorful as they come, and although it caters to many breeds aand crosses, it includes photos of at least half of our Spanish bloodlines from all over the USA!
We recommend that you buy the book directly from the author (aka "Yvonne-in-Montana") at

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