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Need Goats? Have goats for sale?

To get your own ads posted please apply HERE.

You must be listed on our 100% Spanish Goat Breeder List with Breeder/Herd ID to list on our For Sale page.

Breeders are all listed on the Breeder List page, and most all of our breeders sell breeding stock and meat goats on a regular basis.
Don't worry if they're not listed on this For Sale page, they still have goats for sale.

However, if you're looking to buy or sell something specific, or would like to get a few breeding goats and meet another breeder in your area (maybe share a transport truck), this is the place.

Ads are for buying and selling 100% Spanish goats only. Buyers seeking to use 100% Spanish in crossbred herds are welcome.

For Sale
Buying goats in the northeast or in the west? Please check out our Wanted section below—we often get requests for ridesharing.

Buyers and Sellers: if you're travelling with an empty trailer, you might consider transporting a little hay while you're at it. It might "soften the deal" in your goat transaction! And what a great way to help a neighbor who's been facing drought conditions.

Into conservation? The DEVIL'S RIVER bloodline is currently the most endangered Spanish bloodline!

Reminder to buyers:
It is up to the buyer to do thier homework when purchasing goats. Ask the questions you need to make sure the goats you are looking at are the goats you want to take home! Bloodlines, worming, vaccines, diseases, feeding, breeding style, kidding style, pasture management, and shelters. Make sure to get a bill of sale with Breeder/herd ID and Scrapie Tag IDs on goats in order to be one of our listed breeders.

Shipping is pretty stressful for goats and their immune systems. Pregnant and freshly-weaned goats are under extra pressure. Please keep biosecurity in mind. Separating new goats from your herd until they're settled in can help both your new and existing herd.

Buying or selling? We're looking for an extremely rare Spanish color pattern that might be sneaking around. Any herd might have one! Please keep your eyes open for the repartida color in your Spanish goats!

Kansas: Silver Creek Spanish Goats has a 4 year old Kensing billy available.
Please contact Morgan Julius at 620–438–2108, or 316–648–2339, or
(Posted April 13, 2017)

Texas: Herd dispersal: 1 Sawyer billy and 6 Sawyer Nannies, all 14 months old. Two with single bucklings, 4 heavy pregnant. Plus one Great Pyrenees guardian dog.
Please contact Ken and Betty Coy at 817–279–0764, 817–821–5606,
(Posted April 13, 2017)

Virginia: Waverly Farms has 2017 Valera kids available.
Please contact Pattie at 214–914–0323 or
(Posted April 13, 2017)

Texas: Goats on the hill have Kensing kids available.
Please contact Robert Spiva at 903–873–8124, or
(Posted April 15, 2017)

Texas: Nanci Loren has blue eyed Syfan available. 12 pregnant does and 2 bucks, all bred, as well as Anatolian and Pyrenees guard dogs.
Please contact Nanci at 832–264–4138.
(Posted April 15, 2017)

Tennessee: The Brissont Farm has Koy/Baylis 2017 bucklings available in September.
Please contact John and Renee´ Brissont at 423–733–4308, or
(Posted April 30, 2017)

North Carolina: RnR Farm has 2 bucklings available born January 2017. Valera/Bayis and Bayis/Low Country.
Please contact Allen Rhyne at 252–617–2890, or
(Posted May 6, 2017)

Oklahoma: Scak Ranch has 9 3 month old billies available.
Please contact Michael Behenna at 405–535–8072, or
(Posted May 10, 2017)

Kansas: Silver Creek Spanish Goats has around 18, 3 year old Kensing/ Weinheimer Does available.
Please contact Morgan at 620–438–2108 or 316–648–2339, or
(Posted May 10, 2017)

Utah: Two Smoke Ridge bucklings available.
Please contact Esther Jordan at 801–903–3064 or
(Posted May 31 2017)

North Carolina: Haymount Freehold has 4-5 Baylis bucklings available for pickup after July 4th. Born April 2017. Vaccinated w/CDT and rabies. Raised on wood lot with grain bait, used to dogs and hotwire fences. May also have doelings available.
Please contact Anne Williams at 352–318–0866 or
(Posted May 31, 2017)

North Carolina: Wylde Stone Farm at Owl Hollow has bucks available: 2 1/2 yr old Valera, yearling Valera, 6 and 9 month old Valera/Devil's River, and 3 month old Devil's River. Also, two yearling Valera does.
Please contact Sue at 828–230–6918, or
(Posted June 11, 2017)

Missouri: SteelMeadow Farm has bucks, does and kids available. Valera, Weinheimer and Pape bloodlines.
Please contact Mary Jane at 417–924–2284, or
(Posted June 11, 2017)

Pennsylvania: Redrange Farm has 2017 doelings and bucklings available.
Please contact Loraine or Rogers at 724–963–6192.
(Posted June 11, 2017)

Texas: Gainer Ranch has Syfan doelings avaiable.
Please contact Mike or Hallie at 512–778–9099, or
(Posted June 11, 2017)

Tennessee: Bert Boyd has Koy and Koy/Kensing billies available.
Please contact Bert at 931–260–4409 or
(Posted June 11, 2017)

Okalahoma: Lazy T Ranch is taking orders for February 2018 Syfan/Bode kids.
Please contact Ronald Traver at 918–629–8559, or
(Posted June 2017)

Texas: Arroz Ranch has 1 doe and bucks available, Syfan/Sawyer 100% Spanish.
Please contact James and Debby Rice at 512–734–1002, and
(Posted July 6, 2017)

Texas: Neely Ranch has 400 Sawyer doelings available.
Please contact Joe at 210–859–4470 or
(Posted July 6, 2017)

Oklahoma: Hackney Ranch has Kensing doelings available.
Please contact Joe Bob at 405–664–4722, or
(Posted July 6, 2017)

Oklahoma: Dylan Hall has nanny kids available in August.
Please contact Dylan at 918–801–6108.
(Posted July 11, 2017)

Iowa: Ernst Farms has Kensing/Weinheimer/Syfan bucks available.
Please contact David at 641–891–9501.
(Posted July 12, 2017)

Oklahoma: Celina Johnson has Kensing/Weinheimer does, doelings and bucklings available.
Please contact Celina at 918–236–2307, or
(Posted July 12, 2017)

Alabama: Briar Patch Farms has a 2 year old Weinheimer/Kensing buck available.
Please contact Danny Cerezo 205–544–8405 or
(Posted July 12, 2017)

Idaho: Selkirk Goat Company has two Sawyer bucks available.
Please contact Joe Freeze at 208–267–0855, or
(Posted July 29, 2017

Oregon: Little Valley Spanish Nannies has 2017 Spring Kensing kids available.
Please contact Carman Lovell 541–358–2689, or
(Posted August 2 2017)

Kansas: Plum Creek Ranch has 18 month old Syfan and Sawyer billies available. Will have 6 month old billies in September.
Please contact Nathan at 620–218–5669, or
(Posted August 2 2017)

Michigan: Cedar Ponds has yearling bucks available. Bloodlines are Sawyer/Weinheimer and Sawyer Smokeridge. Solid black, blue eyed buck is Smokeridge. Foreground buck is 7 months.
Please contact Heidi Stucki at
(Posted August 10, 2017)

Missouri: RockN' Acres has 35 proven Spanish nannies available. 15 = 3–6 year old Brandshaw, and 20 3 year old Kensing/Sawyer.
Please contact Jeremy Werneke at 660–631–4531, or
(Posted August 10, 2017)

Texas: Tom T. Walker has black Syfan billies of various ages available.
Please contact Tom at 512–925–7941, or
(Posted August 18, 2017)

Colorado: Silver Fleece Farm has 20 to 30 Weinheimer billies and doelings available.
Please contact Dean Wierth at 719–837–2876, 0r
(Posted August 18, 2017)

Louisiana: RBART Stock Farm has Spanish goats available.
Please contact Roger Willie at 985–796–5364,
(Posted August 18, 2017)

Virginia: Parker Ridge Farm 2 Baylis bucks, 1 Valera buck, 3 Baylis does, and 4 Valera does available.
Please contact Freddie at 540–238–, or
(Posted August 18, 2017)

Texas: Shane Sutton has Spanish billies available.
Please contact Shane at 254–216–2756, or
(Posted August 18, 2017)

Texas: Goats On The Hill have 2017 Kensing kids available.
Please contact Robert Spiva at 903–287–0250, or
(Posted August 30, 2017)

Texas: Tom T. Walker has black Syfan goats available. A pair of leash trained breeding age bottle babies, ten billies ranging from one to four years, along with a female great pyrenees.
Please contact Tom at 512–925–7941, or
(Posted September 17,2017)

Idaho: K&K Farms has one yearling black Smoke Ridge buckling available.
Please contact Martin and Judy Knoelk at
(Posted September 17, 2017)

North Carolina: Haymount Freehold Farm has 8 April 2017 Baylis doelings available, as well as 3 April 2017 Baylis bucklings, and one 2012 proven Baylis buck.
Please contact Anne at
(Posted September 17, 2017)

Oklahoma: Spanish Lights Goat Ranch has black Koy/Syfan cross kids coming up in February 2017, place your order.
Please contact Donna at 918–521–6522, or
(Posted September 17, 2017)

Oklahoma: Matt Carter has Syfan nannies available. From doelings to 5 years old.
Please contact Matt at 580–399–2523, or
(Posted September 17, 2017)

Oklahoma: Bar W Stone Hill Ranch has Kensing/Weinheimer cross doelings available.
Please contact Chad at 580-399-2338 or
(Posted September 17, 2017)

Missouri: RanDana Ranch has 170 proven nannies, 28 yearlings, and 6 proven billies available.
Please contact Randi-Dana at 660–223–2939, or
(Posted September 30, 2017)

Texas: Sawyer Davis Ranch has Sawyer nanny kids available.
Please contact Jane Sawyer Davis at 214–226–3223 or
(Posted September 30, 2017)

Kansas: Silver Creek Spanish Goats has 8 Sawyer bucks available.
Please contact Elliott or Morgan Julius at 620–438–2108 (Home), or 316–648–2339 (Cell).
(Posted September 30, 2017)

Michigan: Zachary Osburn is dispersing his herd: 6 nannies, 2 bucklings, 3 doelings. Morefield and Smoke Ridge bloodlines.
Please contact Zachary at 616–405–1737, or
(Posted September 30, 2017)

North Carolina: Joshua and Gurney Davis have 2017 pure Baylis doelings available.
Please contact Joshua or Gurney at 336–431–6248, or
(Posted September 30, 2017)

North Carolina: Baxter Farms has Baylis does available.
Please contact Becca at 208–921–1557 or
(Posted October 15, 2017)

Tennessee: Calfee Farms has twin Weinheimer/Koy buckling twins available. Born June 2017 and now weened.
Please contact Mathew at 865–216–3509 or
(Posted October 15, 2017)

Texas: Jo's Goats has 4 year old Syfan buck available.
Please contact JoAnn at 409–454–7078 or
(Posted October 15, 2017)

Louisiana: RBART Stock Farm has Syfan and Kensing Does and Bucks available.
Please contact Roger at 985–796–5363 or
(Posted October 15, 2017)


Kentucky: Nat Kolten is looking for a few does.
Please contact Nat at 859–230–9005, or
(Posted September 17, 2017)

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