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The Spanish Goat Association began with a request from Justin Pitts in Mississippi who rightly saw that purebred Spanish goats were becoming extinct, and that they needed someone to help out the breed. The Livestock Conservancy (formerly the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy) agreed. They both cheered on Leslie Edmundson to take on the start-up of the Spanish Goat Association. She essentially started a website to make all Spanish goat breeders accessible to the public. After 7 years or so, Leslie's health failed, so Donna Askew stepped forward to take on this work. (Thank you, Donna!—L)

The Spanish Goat Association is an informal consortium of Spanish goat breeders whose goats have purebred Spanish origins from 500-year-old Spanish stock. We do not register goats, we do uphold breeders who are breeding purebred Spanish stock, and we have an informal herd registry. And as all breeders know, it's an informal registry that follows through to track 100% Spanish stock.

Spanish Breeders all agree on three main principles:

(1) Cull hard, we have 500 years into non-pampered goats, let's not wreck our hardiness.
(2) All breeders breed and cull differently. All deserve respect. . . if we all do it the same way, we lose genetic diversity within the breed. If we all do it differently, we all learn. Mistakes are just as noteworthy as successes. Honesty trumps all.
(3) No crazy prices, no crazy fees. They're GOATS. Grandpa goat may have been good, but Junior has to prove himself to earn his own reputation. A goat might be a great goat, but it's still a goat. . . And if you want frilly papers, it should be pretty easy these days to print them out your own.

The Spanish Goat Association does not charge fees or dues, nor do we have any "selling the mailing list" arrangement or anything like that. (We are strongly anti-spam). Nor can we afford to put out a newsletter.
We're here to conserve 100% purebred Spanish goats. Period. No fees, no financial expectations, no non-profit status, no tax write-offs. But no grade-ups, either. Just Spanish goats.

The Spanish Goat Association
1630 Nation Road
Abbeville SC 29620